NYTRO TRADE is HERE! NYSO Platform Version 3.0



NYTROTRADE is on track to revolutionize the trading industry. Traders will now come out of the shadows. Now you will know directly who purchased your shares or traded against you in an option contract. The revolution has now begun and NY Stock Options is leading the financial world.

Binary Options

With NYTROTRADE you will know exactly who traded against you. You have the power to challenge other traders to trade against you. Binary Option contracts work in the same manner with one difference, transparency.



Our technology is the most advance trading platform in the industry. NYTROTRADE developed by DaipFol. NYTROTRADE is changing the trading world and the world of Binary Options. Welcome to the New World of trading.

Client Support

With our upgraded support system, we are here at support@nystockoptions.com to help you at every turn.


What others say about us

I’m looking forward to challenging other traders. Now let’s see who really has the best strategy.
Jason Wilson, Business Owner
NYSO has eliminated the wizard behind the curtain. Now we know whom we are trading against.
Kate Ford, Founder CCG

Introducing NYTRO TRADE! Trade Directly against other traders.